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Couples Therapy

Is your marriage teetering on the brink of collapse? Are you seeking for true step-by-step assistance?

Are you looking for assistance that is a viable alternative to traditional marriage counselling?

Mike Hedger is regarded as the UK’s most sought-after marriage crisis specialist. He is renowned for preventing divorces with his customised Marriage Breakthrough Program.

Give Me 12 Weeks and I'll Determine Whether or Not Your Marriage Can Be Saved...


This is a specialised divorce prevention service with a London headquarters. It is geared on assisting couples who may be on the verge of separation or divorce and want to determine if this is the best course of action.

Online sessions are conducted through Zoom video conferencing.


Mike Hedger is a highly regarded international marital crisis specialist who consults with couples from all around the world -

Mike is a favourite of CEOs, business owners, judges, bankers, and lawyers, as well as celebrities, psychologists, doctors, royalty, and actors and their spouses.

What are the ramifications of a failed marriage?

The primary obstacle is the repeating of unconscious tendencies that reemerge in subsequent relationships.

This is why not fully comprehending the reasons for the marriage’s demise is such an issue.

Divorce is an emotionally draining procedure for individuals because other people decide what happens to their money and children.

Their children may suffer from undiagnosed disorders that manifest themselves in adulthood.

The cost of dissolving the marriage and beginning again is always greater than people anticipate, not to mention the legal costs.

Men and women may lose contact with their own children on a daily basis as they pass them back and forth. Additionally, they must monitor the introduction of new partners into their children’s life and their effect on their children’s future and beliefs.

Worse, many couples believe divorce is the best course of action but are unsure why. Without a clear understanding of why their marriage collapsed, they run a substantial danger of transferring old issues to new relationships.

All of this may result in a sense of being trapped, as well as rising resentments and a loss of respect.

Fortunately, I've developed a step-by-step 'Marriage Breakthrough Program' that will guide you both through this trying period, allowing you to make an informed decision about your future and that of your family.

Our objective is as follows:

If you stayed together, would you be able to develop a dynamic that fosters a future of connected happiness while also providing an effective relationship model for your children to follow in order to be successful, safe, and happy?

Each individual is unique.

Any marriage, in my opinion, is made up of two individuals with extremely distinct backgrounds, beliefs, desires, and values who have formed a world/dynamic unlike any other couple on the earth.

This pair requires a solution that is unbiased in its consideration of their individual viewpoints.

My 12-session Marriage Breakthrough Program's strategy for assisting any couple is straightforward:

  • Recognize the couple’s true location? Certain couples are in a worse situation than they realise, while others are not as terrible as they believe.
  • Recognize the desired objective for which the pair is willing to strive.
  • Individuals should be profiled to ascertain their requirements, values, beliefs, and personal strengths.
  • Create a path for them to follow in order to achieve their selected goals.
  • Evaluate efficacy.

Please keep in mind that the phases of this programme will be customised for each couple and will represent their particular situation, personal requirements, and value systems.

You will learn...

What it takes to create a lasting relationship.

This is critical since 99 percent of the population has no idea how to construct a healthy marriage and has relied on a high-risk “fingers crossed” method, which has landed them in hot water. Divorce – Mediation Ampthill

They will develop an understanding of their behavioural tendencies.

By assisting the couple in identifying the patterns that are killing their marriage, they may begin to replace them with more effective habits.

What factors contribute to the failure of a relationship, particularly yours?

The majority of couples are completely oblivious of their impact on one another and their future together.

Recognize the important distinctions between men and women.

Because men and women are so different, communication may be quite difficult. Communication is crucial for establishing a secure relationship, and so thoroughly comprehending one another will result in a stronger tie.

How to earn the trust and respect of others.

Without trust and respect, the majority of couples dread a future of pain rather than pleasure, and hence the partnership will inevitably collapse.

Acquire skills for resolving disputes.

If the couple is able to have disagreement and grow closer, they will develop tremendous security and avoid piling up resentments that will resurface a few years after the occurrence (s).

Acquire the ability to discern your partner's true wants.

Too many marriages fail because the pair is unsure how to satisfy their partner’s needs and hence makes assumptions, which almost always leads in failure.

Recognize each other's strengths in order to form a team.

Both individuals will naturally feel better if they are utilising their fundamental strengths, which also contributes to the development of stable attachments, which are critical for the couple’s success.

How to create a compelling future for both of you.

You cannot grow together until you have invested in each other’s futures.

Learn how to recover your authentic self in a relationship.

This results in genuine freedom and enables confidence and self-esteem to flourish.

You will discover all of this and more as you and your coach walk through your customised plan.

Who is the target audience for this service?

For over 15 years, I’ve represented CEOs, business owners, judges, bankers, lawyers, actors, nobility, and their spouses and partners.

They have been recommended to my one-of-a-kind business in search of the greatest marital advise.

Most wanted to know if restoring their marriage was even feasible, let alone the appropriate thing to do in light of their current state of dissatisfaction.

Each of these individuals entered with a range of emotions and a distinct set of marital issues. Some were disoriented, confused, and furious, while others were distant, emotionally numb, and prone to periods of depression.

The difficulties they encountered

Each pair was unique, with their own path and narrative to share with me.

Some expressed concern that they were incompatible, while others lamented the lack of communication. Some experienced a lack of sexual attraction and desire for their relationship. Some customers had simply lost faith in the marriage’s future happiness, while others had found an affair, eroding confidence instantaneously.

Numerous others were simply at war, circling in circles.

As a result, many people stayed awake at night wondering how they got here, yearning for the day of liberty and happiness; others were concerned about their future and the impact of a split on the children. Certain individuals were so distant that they were covertly plotting their escape. Many customers were unsure how to resolve their issues but attempted, and now divorce appears to be the only way to alleviate the burden.

Some clients were unaware their difficulties were severe enough to justify a divorce, which only served to demonstrate how disconnected they were from one another.

All of my clients desired happiness but were uncertain whether it was possible to achieve it together, and many feared there was no chance.

Their marital difficulties had altered them.

All of these folks agreed on one thing: their marital issues had altered them.

They had both lost their sense of self in the process of coping with and surviving their challenges.

As a result, they spent more time with other people or activities that satisfied their needs and made them happy outside of the relationship.

My clients have all expressed a sense of being trapped; they are all enthusiastic about their children and maintaining a healthy connection in their lives.

When my clients come in for a session, they have typically spent months or even years frustrated by their inability to resolve their own problems.

Numerous individuals have attempted numerous therapies, including marriage counselling, without result.

Some of my clients have been so gracious as to wish to assist you because they, too, have been in your position.

Domestic life had devolved into antagonism.

Tim and I went to see Mike Hedger because our relationship had fallen into an unhappy rut that neither of us knew how to escape.

Tension, resentment, and insecurities crept in over time and gradually increased to the point where the atmosphere at home became quite hostile, affecting our children and causing everyone to be unhappy.

We met with Mike several times over the course of three months. Mike's methods are difficult to describe, but he possesses an extraordinary knowledge and perception of people, their brains, and emotional responses.

Our expectations were far exceeded by the results. We hoped to break free from our unhappy rut and put an end to the downward spiral our relationship had developed.

Without sounding strange or cheesy, Mike appears to have redirected our hearts and minds and completely transformed us.

Tim and I are indebted to Mike and would highly recommend him; he is an excellent value!
Tim and Jill
- Banker and Housewife

Total breakdown of communication

Respected Mike

With your assistance, we gained an understanding of one another and were able to defuse tensions that existed in our own heads but were not necessarily real for both of us.

Our relationship is never finished, but thanks to the assistance we received through our work with you, we are in a much better place, one that now requires only us to discuss, understand, and resolve.

Many thanks.

Everybody, you cannot always resolve issues on your own. Therefore, if you require guidance, Mike is probably your best bet for cutting to the chase and preserving the good you already possess but require someone else to articulate.

Many thanks, Mike. We are in good health. We are in love and growing as a couple.
Phill and Peijie
- Lawyers

Their marital difficulties had altered them.


I wanted to write to express my gratitude. Our relationship has reached a watershed moment. We have both worked really hard to follow your instructions, and I have begun to allow myself to physically approach D.

From where we were a few months ago — with the house on the market and divorce attorneys contacted – to where we are today feels miraculous. We both recognise that there is still so much love to be saved. It was all concealed under the layers of dread, wrath, hatred, loneliness, and emotions of disconnection and hopelessness.

Your ability as a coach is very unique. Anyone who has attempted traditional counselling and failed (like we did) should give you a try before giving up.

With heartfelt regards*
– Attorneys

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